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rubyann – for people too lazy to write Ruby

At last, I’ve written my own jQuery plugin.

My plugin tries to help lazy people (a noble cause) to write Ruby. It’s called rubyann which is short for ruby annotation.

But you have to understand something about Ruby… hardly anyone knows about it – it’s quite obscure.

Ruby is part of XHTML 1.1 – and now part of HTML 5. Ruby characters are small reading aids that are placed on top of characters. They can be useful for any language, but my interest comes from Japanese furigana – here’s what Ruby looks like:

The 1st example uses Ruby to explain a translation and the 2nd uses furigana
ruby example
And yes, that really is a translation – the word “kill” is not needed to say “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” – it’s obvious!

To get this seemingly simple annotation, you must type a lot of XML/HTML:


With that much typing, you’d better have an automated HTML ruby generator or rubyann

rubyann inserts the required ruby XML where it finds markup (I invented), so this:

With rubyann eg: $('.textWithFurigana').rubyann();

Becomes this:

I’ve written the jQuery plugin in coffeescript and it’s on GitHub – rubyann

UPDATE: I’ve added a non-query version, written in TypeScript (still usable from javascript) – called just RubyAnn